When planning an event, it can be hard to see where to begin and how to organise each step so everything runs smoothly on the day. Hiring an Event Planner can relieve the stress because we make sure your event runs and smoothly and everything is plained to perfection leaving you free to enjoy yourself and make happy memories that will last a lifetime.

Why Use an Event Planner?

To Save Money

Some think event planners are a luxury only the rich and famous can afford, but that is simply not true. It is often the most stretched of budgets that require the help of an experienced professional. Just mentioning the words “wedding”, “christening” or “brand launch” to a supplier can see costs go through the roof.  With our close links to industry suppliers and extensive negotiation experience, we can help you stay within budget and achieve your perfect event.

To Save Time

On average, a typical wedding or weekend event in the UK takes 250 hours to plan – that’s 6 weeks of full-time work for people who just want to enjoy being excited about their event. Being able to delegate some of the tougher tasks to a professional has, in our experience, been invaluable to our clients.

To Reduce Stress

When planning a wedding or event, it can be hard to see where to begin, and what to do when. Hiring an event planner to guide you through the process, making sure everything gets taken care of as and when it needs to can be a huge stress reliever.

This is particularly true of our On the Day service – no matter how much planning has been done, on the day, of course, you are busy enjoying your event! This is why using a professional service that knows what needs to happen when, makes sure that you get to sit back, enjoy your day & know everything you planned is running smoothly!